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New disaster game from Ubisoft, I Am Alive

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on 15 July 2008

I hope I'm alive in time to play I Am Alive. Frankly, it would kind of suck if I wasn't, because the upcoming Ubisoft disaster game is set to come out in Spring 2009.

In I Am Alive, you're forced to navigate a Chicago "left in ruins" after a major catastrophe in the form of a devastating earthquake. Players are required to "think, react and take risks that will directly affect themselves and those around them."

The game is speculated to be helmed by Jade Raymond, the charming producer of hit 2007 title Assassin's Creed. Although there's no confirmation this is a PlayStation 3 title, the game is targeted for release on "current generation video game consoles," and, judging from the below teaser, that's very likely to include the PS3. We'll have more on I Am Alive as it becomes available.