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Fallout is upon us

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Bethesda Game Studios has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming MMO epic, Fallout 3. Although details are currently very thin, and the trailer only shows a small taste of what's to come, we were able to snag this tidbit for you from Bethesda PR Pete Hines...

PSU:  Fallout 3 is being developed for PC and next gen consoles correct?

Hines:  We haven't announced platforms yet.

"To answer the questions you're all probably going to ask (and probably the only ones I can answer at this stage):

1) Yes, that's done in-engine
2) Yes, that's The Ink Spots (singing "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire")
3) Yes, that's Ron Perlman,
4) Fallout 3 is due out Fall of 2008"

Click here for the new trailer
We'll have the HD version up very soon, so keep checking back!

Screenshots (click to view larger versions):