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First in-game MAG screenshot released, analyzed

on 22 July 2008

Although it's fairly early on in the development cycle, if MAG can produce graphics on par with those displayed in the screenshot below whilst providing a stable connection for up to 256 players, that would be beyond amazing. Fortunately, Zipper seems up to the challenge. I present the first real-time screenshot from Massive Action Game.


So here's what this screenshot reveals about MAG. As hinted on in the CG trailer, players will be able to drop out aircrafts and parachute to safety. Obviously, they can be shot down while doing so, as the opposing squad here is attempting to do. The screen also leads me to believe that there won't be a cover system. If you take a look at the guy on the right, he doesn't quite seem 'attached' to the wall. This is just a guess though - I'll try to niggle some official details on that from Zipper soon.

Tech-wise, the lighting and shadowing systems look spot on. If you again glance on the combatant of the right side of the screenshot, his shadow looks soft yet accurate on the wall beside him. In the background, the building seems to reflect the hazy color of the vivid sky.

MAG is scheduled for release exclusively for the PlayStation 3 sometime in 2009.