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Guitar Hero master receives New York Times spotlight

on 10 August 2008

Chris Chike is the best Guitar Hero player in the world, according to his prestigious Guinness Book of World Records endorsement.

The New York Times has just profiled the 17-year-old Guitar Hero master. After scoring a perfect 100% on Guitar Hero III's infamously impossible Through the Fire and Flames, Chris Chike was approached by video game peripheral maker Ant Commandos to create his own personalized line of Guitar Hero controllers.

“Internally we call him our Tiger Woods,” said Raymond Yow, the company’s chief operating officer.

Chris Chike, also known as his online pseudonym iamchris4life, may very well become the first true gaming celebrity in the U.S., and is bringing more legitimacy to gaming in general. Be sure to check out the full New York Times article for more insight on Chris Chike, Guitar Hero, and the video game industry's position in mainstream culture.