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PS3 to support keyboard & mouse

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Discussing the topic of controllers at GDC Europe - Sony's leading man on developer support, George Bain, announced that the PlayStation 3 console not only supports the new wireless bluetooth controllers but will also be utilizing the functionality of keyboards and mice.

No description was given about the nature of freedom developers will be able to apply with the inclusion of such PC peripherals. Though it doesn't require a rocket scientist to predict what'll be the outcome of this move. Game genres, such as 'Real Time Strategy' (RTS) and 'First Person Shooters' have long been using keyboard and mouse on the PC side. Sony making this possible out of the box on their upcoming console suggests that they realize the significance of these two genres.

Backing such accessories for developers of PS3 games also approves of Sony's stance on the open nature of things and what lately their executives like to call the company's DNA. Following are some of their attempts at aiding the open source assets.
Working on Collada which is described as an open source tool-set for developers,
Creating a special version of Linux (an open source OS) for PS3, recent comments from Phil Harrison about Sony keeping their online architecture open ended for Publishers.

Despite keyboard and mouse support will now be available for some PS3 titles. It doesn't necessarily imply the new 'boomerang' controller is useless or should be tossed out of the window.

Clearing up such fears, Bain explained that Sony would always insist that developers support the included controller in every single PS3 game. So future titles may benefit from keyboard and mouse but at the same time they will also be operable with the default PS3 controller.

This news should bring a fresh air of relief to FPS lovers all over the world. The days of wacky controls on PlayStation titles are over and with such technological breakthroughs as laser mice, expect Killzone and Unreal Tournament 2007 to play exactly like their PC brethren, next year on your shiny new PlayStation 3 console.