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Megami Tensei series to continue on PS3

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reported that the next installment of the Devil Summoner (English for Megami Tensei) game will be released on the next-generation of the Playstation console. So far these titles have gained immense popularity on the PS2 in Japan and produced numerous sequels under the Megami Tensei name.

Hardcore followers of the series know it as 'Megaten', short for Megami Tensei. There is already a Megaten game in the making for PS2 and will soon be released in North America under the name of Devil Summoner. The gameplay revolves around a main character taking control of demons and in the process making some of them permanent allies.

Popularity of this series could be best described by the fact that a high-end Japanese developer like Capcom lent 'Dante' from Devil May Cry to be a playable character in one of the Megami Tensei games.

We will bring you more about this amazing title when further information is revealed. Stay glued.