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MGS4 at TGS with 100% PS3 graphics

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Kojima Productions, the new subsidiary of Konami of Japan, made an announcement on their website today that Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3 will be present in a video form at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show.

Let us go back to an evening in history and recall a similar kind of anticipation for a past Metal Gear title. May 10th of 2000, the MGS2 unveiling event. A conference room at Universal Studios in Los Angeles jam packed with more than 100 journalists. Kojima came up and started the presentation. Nine minutes later, MGS2 trailer ends with some of the most mesmerizing moments anyone had ever imagined possible in a videogame. Never before seen pulse pounding polygonal sequences and soundtrack that came straight from a Hollywood music director. Nine minutes of visual tour de force drove the audience crazy with excitement. End result, a standing ovation with a good round of applause for Kojima and team.

Back to the present day and we have a new announcement at our hand with Kojima studios now readying for another Metal Gear Solid unveiling. Only this time, the number of crowd will be much higher than the 100+ figure from the year 2000.

The E3 2005 MGS4 demo titled 'No where to hide' was awarded's best trailer of the show. We certainly agree with that! That trailer, created with the PS2 hardware, revealed how Kojima got himself back into this next-generation MGS project. It also offered hints at what the actual game would be like, says Kojima.

The press release put much emphasis on the subject of realtime MGS4 imagery taken from an actual next-generation PlayStation 3 hardware. Confirming that once again MGS would be presented in a form which the internal teams at Konami like to call a 'polygon demo', also known to worldwide gamers as an in-game cinematic or cutscene.
Stay tuned, you know we won't let you miss info on this juicy game whenever more details surface.