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Capcom not giving up on PSP, says Svensson

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on 18 August 2008

Capcom has dismissed speculation suggesting that the publisher is no longer making games for Sony’s PlayStation Portable as "absolutely 100 per cent false.”

"We're still making new PSP games,” Capcom’s Christian Svensson asserted on the Capcom-Unity blog.

"We may be the most successful PSP publisher in the world with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and 2ndG. It'd be a difficult decision to defend stopping development when we have such success on the platform," he added.

Sales for PSP software have remained relatively sluggish in Europe for some time now, though the handheld continues to perform strongly in both Japan and North America.

Sony recently unveiled a number of high profile games in production at E3 last month, including Patapon 2 and Resistance: Retribution.