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Warhawk patch v1.5 goes live - Trophy support added

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Warhawk fans rejoice; Incognito has today posted the new Warhawk v1.5 update live, which includes both trophy support and custom soundtracks (via in-game XMB).

According to the company, there are 56 trophies all together, including trophy support for the additional booster packs. Also, some of the trophies are retroactive, unlocked based on your server-side stats.

Gamers living in Europe may also download the new expansion, Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star as part of the PSN update today. North American users will have access to the download later today when the U.S. PSN update goes live.

For more details on what's included in the v1.5 update, check out the full listing on the Official PlayStation Blog.