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Rumor: Halo Movie to be PS3/Blu-ray Exclusive? *Update

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Original Rumor:
According to, 20th Century Fox has bought the primary licensing rights for the Halo film and it's merchandise.


"Fox has become the primary licensor for the Halo franchise," confirmed Tina Conley, senior account executive for Xbox.

What's ironic is the fact that 20th Century Fox is a Blu-ray exclusive studio, and with Microsoft claiming they'd never support a Blu-ray add-on, Xbox 360 owners may have to invite their buddies with the PS3's over to watch Halo in 1080p.



Due to a few misguiding headlines and twisted words, it turns out as though 20th Century Fox has only bought the licensing rights to the Halo franchise merchandise.  There has yet to be an official announcement on the rights to the film and as of now FOX only holds the rights to distribute items such as clothes, accessories, toys and print publications.

Until further announcements, the Halo movie project is still a no-go.