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New Doom 3 heading for PS3?

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Game Informer magazine published an interview with Id software's founder and lead programmer, John Carmack, about the progress on next-gen platforms. Carmack hinting towards a possible Doom 3 port said that the company is looking into developing a 'super edition of the Doom 3 stuff' for the Playstation 3 console.

Unfortunately nothing more was discussed regarding the topic but the idea of a supreme graphical re-make to an engine that's already powering Quake4 for Xbox360 is saying a lot. Previously at Quakecon, Carmack made it clear that he is more inclined towards developing for the Xbox360 than the PS3. Maybe this news would bring a fresh air of relief to Id Software fans on the PlayStation side.

We'll share more once Carmack is ready to reveal details about this intriguing project.