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PAIN Amusement Park opens up with four new additions

Travis Williams, senior producer with SCEA, has announced that the PAIN Amusement Park is officially open for guests. After a mild one week delay, PAIN has finally released its new expansion that should bring with it uncountable hours of entertainment. On top of being able to purchase new content, previous owners are capable of patching their current version in order to enable Trophy support. Those of you who haven't played the title in awhile now have more than one reason to clean off the virtual dust and hit the pain-ridden streets of Idol Minds laugh-out-loud title. Williams also mentioned several other additions that fans of the game can look forward to. We've included them below.

- One new PAIN Environment: The Amusement Park ($5.99 USD)
- Three new launchable characters: Tati, Yeony and Kenneth ($.99 USD)
- The Amusement Park: A new PAIN environment means you have new modes to cause PAIN, havoc and mischief all over again. Some familiar modes are back (HORSE, Fun With Explosives, Abusement Park) Some brand new modes are here to mix it up (Call da Shot, Clown Toss, Trauma, Hot n Cold) There’s more content in this add-on than there was in the original PAIN release!
- We also have a fantastic new experimental PAIN mode called PAINLabs. PAINLabs will be our chance to give YOU new PAIN-Based experimental environments EVERY WEEK. FOR FREE! Here we will work with the community (you guys) to build new and improved game modes that will make their way into future expansions. Make sure you are there to grab those Lab experiments when they are posted. We will change them every week! And when you see something you like, post to our boards. I can assure you we read them.

Stay tuned for our our review of the new expansion soon.