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Guitar Hero now playable on PS3

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on 12 May 2007

With backwards compatability issues nearly a moot point for Japanese and North American PS3 owners, one series desperately needed to make the jump to PS3. Guitar Hero 1 and 2 haven't been playable on the system. When starting up the game, you're prompted to press the PS button. Seeing as the Guitar Hero controller doesn't have a PS button, it wasn't really playable on a PlayStation 3, even using a PS2/PS3 controller adapter.

The Pelican PS2/PS3 adaptor finally emulates that PS button, allowing for your favorite guitar-smashing series to be playable on the PS3. The $15 adaptor provides perfect compatability with the first installment, but Guitar Hero 2 won't have those hammer on/offs that everyone loves so much.

Nothing perfect, but this comes pretty close.