PlayStation Universe

SackBoy may be in for some serious PAIN

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Within the latest issue of Game Informer, readers will find a small tidbit of information that may send sales for PAIN rocketing through the download charts. According to GI, PAIN is about to receive its cutest downloadable character yet, in the ever so adorable form of SackBoy. The magazine doesn't state when you can expect this download to pop up or for how much (hopefully the same $0.99 as the rest), but it definitely has this journalist excited.

We're just hoping some gamers aren't traumatized by watching their little beloved SackBoy going flying at high speeds into amusement park rides and buildings. On a more serious note, it's refreshing to see how hard Sony and Media Molecule are working on making sure SackBoy becomes a household name before the release of LittleBigPlanet.

We'll keep you updated if any more concise information around this rumor surfaces.