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Level 5 announces "Ushiro" horror RPG for PSP

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According to Gamekyo, the role-playing wizards at Level 5 are hard at work on a new PlayStation Portable IP, titled "Ushiro" or "Behind".

While the developer is best known for light-hearted swords and sorcery hits like Dark Cloud and Jeanne D'Arc, Ushiro is founded on rather gloomy principles. You play a "shinigami" or god of death, observing, experiencing and (possibly) fulfilling the desires of those who have "exhausted" their lives.

Very little is known of the mechanics or scenarios at present, but apparently you'll do battle with monsters embodying a person's inner malice. Sounds a bit "Persona" to us - those Level Fivers need to lay off the gin and tonic.

Depressing premise aside, it's great to hear of another original IP for the PSP. We'll be in with the skinny as soon as fresh details surface.