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Uncharted 2 in development for early 2009?

We know, we know, there have been a fair few unsubstantiated rumours on these hallowed pages of late, but this one seems likelier than most.

According to Play3-Live (and SixthAxis, if you want corroborating evidence), Naughty Dog is at work on a sequel to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the celebrated PlayStation 3 action spectacular. Apparently you can expect an official reveal in an upcoming issue of PSM3.

Uncharted set a new benchmark in visual fidelity and mechanical polish back in 2007, and deservedly sold a million units in the first ten weeks of sale. Not long after its release, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells stated that the game had been developed as part of a franchise, fomenting speculation that a sequel was underway.

Play3-Live reckons Uncharted 2 could see light early next year. Guess we'll have to hold out a little longer for Jak and Daxter PS3.

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