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X-Blades release date, Trophy details, game length and more

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on 9 October 2008

We've received a bounty of details on X-Blades from the game's associate producer, John Kaiser.

Concerned with the length of recent action games, we asked him how long X-Blades would take to complete, and if there was anything within the game that would elongate the base playtime.


"From beginning to end X-Blades comes in at around 10 hours of gameplay," Kaiser responded. "For completists out there who want the most out of their gaming experience we’ve put in varying difficulty levels, two endings, hid plenty of treasure and artifacts around to discover and of course have a number of Trophies that will be available to unlock!"

He then mentioned that the game would be available in the U.S. and Europe in January 2009.

Be on the lookout for a full interview on the stylish X-Blades soon.