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Turbine doesn't say no to console LOTR MMO

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Today gave away a small part of their interview with Jeffrey Steefel, executive producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. The extract revealed that a Lord of the Rings massive multiplayer online (MMO) console game is a possibility.

"I actually think Lord of the Rings is a platform we can build from. Our license is to build massively multiplayer online games based on the books on all platforms, all across the world, so we want to leverage that over time."

A console approach of a massive multiplayer game would of course be different; "you've got to do everything in a thoughtful way and know why you're doing it, for who you're doing it, and then, what is an MMO on a console? What is that really? It has to be different," said Steefel.

We will be sure to let you know more about a possible Lord of the Rings MMO on consoles if more information becomes available.