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CoD5 developer hints at "a few surprises" regarding DLC

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on 20 October 2008

Treyarch has revealed that gamers can expect “a few surprises” in regards to post-launch downloadable content for its hotly anticipated FPS, Call of Duty: World at War.

Speaking with, Senior Producer Noah Heller revealed that DLC for the upcoming WWII shooter will be "off the beaten path,” further adding that the studio has flirted with the idea of adding in post-launch co-op campaigns missions.

"We're not announcing anything specific yet but I will say we're going to support this game very aggressively. We're definitely looking at doing things other than traditional DLC. We're definitely looking at supporting it for a long time to come because we're really proud of it. There will be a few surprises... we're going to do a few things off the beaten path,” said Heller.

Asked on the possibility of including additional co-op missions as featured DLC, Heller replied, "One of the wonderful things about co-op is there's no such thing any more as here's the single-player game and it never gets touched again. I can't confirm anything we might do, but the idea of adding new online co-op missions is definitely something that's been discussed a lot. And if co-op proves to be very popular then I'm sure the demand will be very high for it."

While he was unable to offer an idea as to when to expect the first batch of DLC, Heller stated that fans will be pleased with the amount of post-launch support the studio is planning for the title, adding, "We've people working on it right now, and believe me those are very tired people."

Call of Duty: World at War is scheduled for release on November 14.