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Acclaim: Sony must develop new PS3 business strategy

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Speaking to, Acclaim CCO David Perry has observed that Sony has learned worthwhile lessons from its setbacks with PlayStation 3, but that the firm is "rapidly running out of time" to modify its approach.

"Regardless of the position Sony is in right now, I think the lessons are all learned and they have great hardware," Perry began. "I'm also very encouraged to see them open the digital distribution store for PSP."

"I guess that's the point, the PS3 hardware is there," he went on. "and there are plenty of opportunities for Sony to disrupt in other ways, via new business models."

In Perry's view, the PS3 lags behind both Microsoft and Nintendo's machines in certain key respects. "If they stick with status quo, it's going to be an incredibly tough time for them. Microsoft is ahead with their online strategy and Nintendo is ahead with sales."

"Besides great games, I think the lessons learned are that price and accessibility are key," he concluded. "So what are Sony doing about that every day now, and what new business models will they introduce on PS3? They are rapidly running out of time to make these decisions."