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Xbox 360 shipment and recall rumors

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The wake of the Xbox 360 US launch brought many tears of joy and for a few, tears of sadness as more Xbox 360 shipments have for the time being disappeared off the radar. Well cry no more because we got word that Xbox 360 shipments are on the way!

Yes John Porcaro, Group Manager for PR Communications at Microsoft, says that the next shipment may be at your local retailer as early as this weekend starting Dec. 2nd. John says they have confirmation that units are on the ground and on their way to retailers during this week. When those will go from the warehouses to retailer warehouses, then to retailer locations is largely up to those retailers, so there’s no easy way to say which store will get product on which day. John suggests that you should call your local retailer to find out. "We remain on track to ship 2.75 to 3.0 million consoles in the first 90 days", he said. Large portions of which will be divided world-wide for the Japanese launch and to meet demand in the newly launched EU market.

John also says, there are reports of some retailers saying they won’t have units for weeks or months. "This is not true".  "My theory is that some people might be tired of the constant calls, so they’ve made something up to get people to quit calling", he says.

Finally, the Recall Rumors around the Xbox 360 are "NOT TRUE!". John says that  "I’ve seen forums talking about folks going into retailers, only to be told that there will be no more units coming because of a Microsoft recall. NOT TRUE! If you're told this by a retailer, let me know."

There you have it from the horses mouth. No recalls and more shipments on the way.