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EGM: CliffyB PS3 survival horror title, Disney LBP content?

on 8 November 2008

The next issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is on its way to mailboxes now, complete with a snazzy set of rumors from the ever-elusive Quartermann. The two that affect you, the PlayStation gamer, are as follows.

According to Quartermann, Cliff Bleszinski's next game might be a survival-horror title. Even better, the project is rumored to be multiplatform. Given Epic Games' love for all things cutting-edge, it's likely that Sony's black behemoth will be included this time around. There's one thing for sure: it'll undoubtedly feature copious amounts of blood.

Next up is everyone's favorite platformer, LittleBigPlanet. The game, which will garner Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid additions sometime this year, is expected to receive a little content of the Disney variety in 2009. Don't be surprised if the pack includes a playable Mickey Mouse, or a level centered around the classic Steamboat Willie cartoon.

We'll keep you in the loop when we hear more on these two rumors.