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PSN Age of Booty dated

on 10 November 2008

Capcom has announced that swash buckling RTS Age of Booty will be making waves on the North American PlayStation Store from November 13.

The title was originally set to appear alongside its Xbox LIVE Arcade counterpart last month, but was delayed for reasons unknown.

In addition, the publisher is also hoping to have the European version released around the same time, commenting, “Europe and Asia are looking good and we're hoping to get those out to you all on the same day.”

Pricing details have yet to be confirmed, though for what it’s worth the Xbox 360 version is currently available for around GBP 6.30/EUR 9.60.

Curiously, the game was allegedly inspired by Halo developer Bungie’s long-running April Fools gag, Pimps at Sea, and previously went under the working title of Plunder.