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Lair and Warhawk possible launch titles?

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In the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine, a new interview with Jack Tretton, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment America has revealed a few new details about the PlayStation 3, including the possibility of Lair and Warhawk as launch titles.
"We wouldn't be making claims of what our platforms could do if we didn't feel we could deliver on them. We've actually got three internal titles that we're working on at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

One of them, Warhawk, is playable, and you can compare the graphics and see them live, and also with another one of our launch titles, a game from Factor 5 called Lair, again live footage, that footage compares very favorably to what was shown at E3 press conference," said Tretton. "I think that, in the very near future, you'll see some comparable game play footage that will really put those rumors [PS3 can't be as powerful as we're claiming it is] to bed."

With an imminent spring launch of Sony's new console, a line up of titles for the console's release should be imminent, rumored to be revealed at the Consumer Electronic Show in January. With the release of the final development kits in December to developers, games like Lair and Warhawk seem to be on par for a spring launch title. The upcoming few months should be an indicator of how ready developers actually are. Stay tuned for more developments about the PlayStation 3.