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Sony: InFamous game length still undecided

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on 17 November 2008

Sony has moved to set the record straight in regards to the length of Sucker Punch’s upcoming open world adventure title, InFamous, following comments steaming from a live text interview with Eurogamer last week.

Speculation arose after Game Director Nate Fox responded to a reader question regarding whether or not long games were palatable in today’s climate of rising development costs, in which he said, “it seems to me that it's not about length, but about quality.” He then added that InFamous would place the highest value on quality.

As a result, readers assumed – erroneously - that the hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 outing would turn up a tad short in the game length department.

In an attempt to clear matters up, Sony told Eurogamer today, "inFamous is still in development at Sucker Punch," adding, "and the game's length is still to be determined."

InFamous is due out in Spring 2009.