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New Dissidia: FF trailer - Cloud versus Sephiroth

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Square Enix has released another jaw-dropping Dissidia: Final Fantasy gameplay trailer, this time featuring Final Fantasy VII's fanboy favourites Cloud Strife and Sephiroth. We haven't seen so much butt kicked since Rocky II.

The trailer shows you both the multi-levelled, hugely dynamic combat basics and some of the more esoteric abilities - namely Break moves, with players hammering buttons and responding to on-screen cues to charge up devastating assaults.

There are 21 playable characters - 10 Final Fantasy heroes versus 11 Final Fantasy villains - and 50 summon creatures for much in-game eye candy. Regrettably, Final Fantasy XII's Basch and Fran haven't been asked to the party, though it's possible characters from that game are tucked away among the unlockables.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is due out on Japanese PlayStation Portables on December 18.