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Gran Turismo 5 scheduled for release in Winter 2009

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Sony' Chief Executive in southern Europe, James Armstrong, has revealed in an interview with a Spanish newspaper that Gran Turismo 5 will be released in Europe next Christmas.

We've included the full translated quote from the newspaper below.

“For next year, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment for southern Europe said that they are developing a new game thriller, in which the player may be designing their own history, and the new version of Gran Turismo, which will arrive at Christmas.”

It's always nice to find out a little early how 2009 may shape up. With titles like Killzone 2 starting the year off right, a heavy finisher like Gran Turismo 5 definitely gives PlayStation 3 owners something to look forward to.

2009 is inarguably shaping up to be a stellar year for Sony’s black box of tricks, with the likes of Killzone 2, Heavy Rain and now Gran Turismo 5 all the more reason to invest in the company’s latest powerhouse.