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Home Beta recieves first update

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on 26 June 2007

The Home Beta has received a decently sized update, its first since launch around two months ago.

This update provides several graphical enhancements, mainly noticeable during bowling and pool. However, characters look better as well and have multiple new customization options (weight, crazy hair colors, more clothes). Also, a few new items are available in your HomeSpace.

Another new development - it looks like our homies have gotten a bit of exercise as they can now run around Home after walking for a bit.

The Home Cinema has received several new trailers as well including the likes of Around the World and Reign Over Me. It also appears that new streaming methods have been implemented for videos in public spaces, as they play more smoothly the closer one stands to them.

Finally comes the most exciting feature of them all - the first true form of in-game XMB access. Anytime during and anywhere inside Home you can access your friends list (and therefore message people and read messages) by pressing select.

So while the promised Chess game and new arcade machines didn't pan out, we are more than satisfied by this newest update. Hopefully Home will continue to be improved over the coming months before its scheduled Fall launch.