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Slant Six adds to SOCOM: Confrontation's v1.30 patch features

SOCOM: Confrontation's release was anything but smooth. However, Slant Six has done everything in their power to slowly return the sensational, tactical shooter to top form. The upcoming 1.30 patch will fix a lot of the issues the community has cried out for including: transparent scoreboards, Trophy support and SOCOM Awards. Continuing on the plan of listening to the community, Slant Six is also releasing D-PAD lean controls through the 1.30 update. Users will still have full control to lean via the motion controls, but utilizing the D-PAD for leaning allows the lean to be more predictable.

We've included videos below of the transparent scoreboards and D-PAD leaning.

Unfortunately, a release date has yet to be set, but we'll be sure to update you once it is announced.