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New Assault on Dark Athena trailer

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Former Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison isn't the only bald guy at Atari these days - he's been joined by Vin Diesel's career-making alter ego, the one and only Riddick. The publisher announced that it had picked up Starbreeze Studios' long-awaited The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena in October, and Gamersyde has got its paws on some new footage.

Originally billed as a remake of the shadow-hugging pugilist's Xbox escapade, Escape from Butcher Bay, Assault on Dark Athena has swollen into a stand-alone chapter in the Riddick saga. The new trailer shows Riddick battling the crew of the mercenary craft Dark Athena in deep space.

Uncompromisingly brutal first person combat is back in, as are Riddick's stealthy tendencies and some far-future firearms. Among the big new additions this time round is multiplayer, though there's no sign of that in the trailer. PlayStation 3 owners who missed the original will be pleased to know that Assault on Dark Athena will ship with a remastered version of Escape from Butcher Bay. Generosity, thy name is Starbreeze.

The game is down for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009.