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Civilization Revolution announced

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Sid Meier's ultimate god franchise is getting ready for its next installment. Scheduled for a Spring 2008 release, Civilization Revolution is set to bring together fans of the franchise from all platforms including handhelds.

With the announcement of the game Sid Meier had this to say:

"Civilization Revolution is the game I've always wanted to make! We are excited to take advantage of the power of next-generation [meaning current-gen] consoles and the ingenuity of handhelds to create a great and unique strategy game for newcomers to the series, as well as the millions of fans around the world who enjoy Civilization on the PC."

The game will feature 16 different armies each with their own historical leaders. It will contain all the traditional game modes: teams, head-to-head, and free-for-all. Also included is all the standard features of most modern games like ranked matches, auto-matching, leaderboards, achievements, downloadable content.

Let's get ready to play God again this Spring.