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EA picks up Brutal Legend

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on 12 December 2008

Electronic Arts has salvaged Double Fine Productions’ ear-busting heavy metal adventure Brutal Legend, after the project was dropped following the Activision Blizzard merger.

The publishing giant confirmed that the game will now be released in autumn 2009 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Brutal Legend pits you in the shoes of metal mad roadie Eddie Riggs, who finds himself pulled into a Heavy Metal/Nordic inspired fantasy world where demons have enslaved humanity. The game boasts a stellar cast, ranging from comedian Jack Black (who voices Riggs), to heavy metal legends Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Lemmy Kilmister (MotorHead) and Ronnie James Dio (Dio/Black Sabbath)

"In Brutal Legend you'll go into a world you haven't gone into before, which is combinations of every single thing I've ever thought was cool in the world altogether in one place,” said Tim Schafer, during an interview with Eurogamer.

In particular, Schafer heaped praised on Black’s contribution to the project, commenting, "From the beginning, before I even dreamed of having someone of that calibre on the game, we were hoping that we were making a game Jack Black would like.”

"And he's contributed a lot; he improvises dialogue, he really brings a lot to the character. So he's been great to have. Not just for the participation, but contributing to the energy and enthusiasm of the project overall." "Brutal Legend is the natural evolution of awesome. I think you must take the next step, even if it is a giant step... The next logical, enormous step towards awesomeness that we've made,” he concluded.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on Brutal Legends as we get it.