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Ready At Dawn reconsidering PSP development?

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This could be a flash in the pan, but according to a post on Ready At Dawn's blog, the illustrious developer may be "reconsidering" its decision to abandon PlayStation Portable in light of strong sales of Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

"2 out of 5 top PSP games sold on Amazon in the US last week were Ready At Dawn games with Daxter and Chains of Olympus both making the top 5," the post smugly notes. "Maybe we should reconsider this whole ‘no more PSP games’ thing because we seem to be pretty good at it."

A talented outfit comprised of Blizzard Entertainment and Naughty Dog veterans, Ready At Dawn confirmed that Chains of Olympus would be its last PSP project back in March, provoking unanimous outcry from fans of the Sony slab. The prospect of an encore performance - perhaps another handheld take on a classic PlayStation 2 action franchise? - would certainly have us dribbling.

A hearty thank-you to PS3forum member Alpha2 for this bit of news.