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Lair release date confirmed

on 30 June 2007

A release date has finally been set for Factor 5’s upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Lair, with the game due to ship in North America on August 14th. No doubt the perfect remedy for the summer drought period, we can also confirm that a demo of the game is scheduled to hit PlayStation Network at some point this July, though an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Arguably one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games thus far, Lair takes places in a fictional world thwart with war and natural disasters. Two factions, Mokai and Asylians, are engaged in a heated conflict between each other, with player’s casts in the role of a knight named Rohn, a member of the Asylians elite dragon-riding force. With the noble dragon at your command, Rohn must defeat the onslaught of Mokai forces by engaging them in intense aerial combat on the back of your gigantic winged beast, using whatever means necessary to overthrow the enemy.

The game takes full advantage of PlayStation 3 hardware, offering Sixaxis tilt control, High Definition 1080p graphics and 7.1 uncompressed audio. Visually, the game utilizes a number of effects including High-Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, Parallax Shaders, Real-Time Rendering and more, making for a true next-generation gaming experience.