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New Details on SIXAXIS v.2

According to PSM (PlayStation Magazine) France, new details have emerged on the SIXAXIS v.2 Rumble controller.


Now that the law suits are over, Sony can stop telling people that force feedback is ‘out’, and start making a SIXAXIS controller that shakes like a wet dog. Details included talk of a new feature called "Touchsense" which allows for rumble not only through the controllers handles, but the thumb-sticks as well.

If details are to be believed, the rumble will have the ability to give feedback from pin-point locations on the controller and the rumble will be much stronger then previous Dual Shock offerings. Hopefully this won’t be too demanding on battery power.

After the farce that Sony went through when they first revealed the SixAxis and detailed its lack of rumble, this should be a pleasant surprise to gamers everywhere.

Stay tuned.

Source: Engadget and Joystiq