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SOCOM "not possible on any other game console"

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SOCOM is a PS3 exclusive and not just because the game is made by Sony.

The company started a new blog a few weeks ago, and it was recently updated with an entry about SOCOM Confrontation. The Q&A finally revealed some new details on the anticipated title.

Seth Luisi, director of development at SCEA, stated:

“SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation makes full use of the HDD in the PlayStation 3. One of the often overlooked advantages of the PS3 compared to competing platforms is that it contains a 2.5” serial ATA hard drive which allows us to use the Hard Disc Drive for extremely fast data access. Since we can count on the hard drive to be in every PS3 console, SOCOM Confrontation uses a very aggressive data streaming system which in turn allows for much greater detail in the game environments. For this reason alone, the level of detail which you will see in the environments and characters in SOCOM Confrontation is not possible on any other game console.”

For all the gamers that aren't computer savy, let's breakdown what that all means. In short, Sony is basically saying that the game will use the hard drive within a PS3 to help load the game faster and improve a lot of physics. It's able to do this because the developer can guarantee that a hard drive will be in place, since all PS3s ship with an HDD.

More on SOCOM Confrontation is due to be revealed next week at E3.