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PlayStation 3 has 1% return rate

While retailers reckon that 33% of 360 owners are plagued with the Red Ring of Death (or 3 Red Lights of Doom), only 1% of PS3 owners are returning faulty consoles.

An EB games associate said to Ripten: “Failure rates for all other consoles were not high enough for EB to consider revising their policies. Most other console systems have a failure rate of less than one percent, including the PlayStation 3.”

The 360, although selling well, is becoming (in)famous for not only giving up the ghost after the warranty expires, but also scratching discs if not being careful. The PS3 has not been plagued with any recurring problems, and the retailers’ figures seem to support this.

So the PS3 may be more expensive, but at least you will only have to buy one.

Stay tuned.