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CES 09: LBP sells 1.3 million, 17 million PSN accounts

During the CES 2009 convention in Las Vegas, Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai announced some impressive figures for the PlayStation 3 and its titles. Hirai states that our beloved PS3 exclusive LittleBigPlanet, has now sold 1.3 million copies and that the PlayStation Network has caught up to Xbox Live accounts, topping 17 million. Believe it or not, but that includes 2.1 million created in December 08 alone.

Hirai further discussed other stats, saying that the PSN has sold over 330,000 pieces of content. Also, LittleBigPlanet has seen an array user generated content in the few months following its release, having over 300,000 user generated levels created, with a total playing time of two years.

All in all, these are some exciting statistics and if Sony can keep things up in 2009, we may just see the PlayStation Network blow by Xbox Live.