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EA explains PS3 Medal of Honor delay

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Earlier this week Electronic Arts reported that Medal of Honor Airborne would be release on the PC and Xbox 360 late August, and that the PlayStation 3 version would be coming out later in November.

Now EA has explained why exactly the PlayStation 3 version has been delayed. Patrick Gilmore, executive producer, explained that both the Xbox 360 and the PC versions have always been further in development than the PS3 version.

Gilmore stated that the PlayStation 3 version is looking good, but they just want to give a much more polished and complete experience.

“I think it’s a great machine. We haven’t had as long, but the Cell processor is very, very powerful, and the challenge for any developer is figuring out how to leverage all that extra power… We’re a platform-agnostic company, so the challenge for Medal of Honor Airborne is always fully leveraging the platform, and not doing what some of our competitors do, which is cater to the lowest common denominator.”

The PlayStation 3 version will also make us of the SIXAXIS "to leverage the control system for moving while in iron sight and creating a little different combat experience for peeking and engaging an opponent.”

Look out for our review closer to launch.