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Splatterhouse remake to include original game

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on 8 February 2009

Splatterhouse, the bloody action adventure romp coming soon to the PlayStation 3, is a remake of a beat 'em up of the same name released by Namco in 1988. Gamers planning on playing the new Splatterhouse that are hankering for some nostalgic gaming appear to be in for a treat.

"Everybody wants that," said Splatterhouse co-producer Mark Brown to Joystiq, answering a question regarding the inclusion of the classic version of Splatterhouse in the new game. "In one form, we're gonna deliver on it."


Brown went on to say that they might bundle the original Splatterhouse with some sort of premium or special edition version of the new game. Personally, we'd throw down a few extra bucks for the "crown jewel of the [Namco] back catalog."

Splatterhouse is due out sometime later this year.