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Toys R' Us giving away Chun-Li figure with SFIV purchase

According to a post on C.A.G., the popular children's toy store, Toys R' Us, is supposedly giving away a 10" figure of Chun-Li with each Street Fighter IV purchase. While this has quickly jumped up to the top of the list of Street Fighter IV pre-order items, we've yet to hear anything official from Toys R' Us confirming the figurine. It's not unusual, however, for stores to offer extra goodies along with the launch of a new title, so it wouldn't come as a shock to see this come true.

We've included an image of a larger, more expensive Chun-Li figure below, but it's believed the figurine being given away will be the cheaper $10 model.


On top of the Chun-Li model, Toys R' Us is also discounting one of the following games by $25 as long as you purchase it with a copy of Street Fighter IV.

      * Call of Duty: World at War - $59.99 USD
      * Far Cry 2 - $59.99 USD
      * Afro Samurai - $59.99 USD
      * Shaun White Snowboarding - $59.99 USD
      * 007: Quantum of Solace - $49.99 USD