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Home's Warhawk command center, temporary Warhawk price cut both implemented today

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on 26 February 2009

Has Warhawk fallen off your radar yet? If so, this should help it fly right back on.

The Warhawk Command Center is launching inside of PlayStation Home today. The Command Center allows players to join a pre-game briefing room that displays a 3D map of the battlefield, enabling users to plan out key strategic points by placing markers on the map itself. The PS Blog posted a video detailing the Command Center, which we've placed right here.

Now some good news for those who haven't played Warhawk -- the game is getting a price cut, but only temporarily. Up until March 11, you'll be able to download the high-flying action game for a mere $19.99 USD. Meanwhile, the three booster packs will be priced at $4.99, and the complete combo pack will be available for $9.99. Using our awesome math skills, that means you can download the complete Warhawk experience for $30 USD, which is how much the base game was before and will be after this promo ends. Hurry up, slackers!