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SOCOM Confrontation patch 1.41 released

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on 10 March 2009

Slant Six Games has released the latest patch for its online tactical shooter SOCOM: Confrontation, offering a remedy for some of the game’s slowdown issues in addition to implementing a few other tweaks.

This latest update is actually an amalgamation of two separate updates, namely v1.40 and v1.41. Said the company: "The 1.40 was intended to support the European release, we combined the 1.40 and the 1.41 together to speed the deployment of the above fixes."

See below for a list of fixes:

·XMB presence - Medley Game information has been abbreviated, displaying all information required to identify the location of the player.
·Late Join 'Hitch' improvements - addresses the pause experienced by players when someone late joins a game.
·Navigating Screens With Large Clans - Slow down issue fixed.
·Increased speed of fade at the beginning of the round.
·Claymores can now be detonated when player is in the prone position.
·Increased countdown timer in Quick Match Pre Game lobby from 20 to 60 seconds.
·Enabled Quick Match team switching.
·Quick Match Ranked, Unranked and Unranked Respawn games, each contains 6 different playlists: 3 8vs8 and 3 16vs16 players.