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Japan gets hometown discount for Resident Evil 5 DLC

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If you happen to be one of our readers who are already displeased with the fact you'll have to pay an extra $5 to get the entire Resident Evil 5 experience, this news probably isn't going to make that feeling any better. According to Andriasang, Capcom has revealed the dating and pricing for the "Versus" DLC for Resident Evil 5 in its home country of Japan. Scheduled to release on March 26, the Versus content will retail for ¥250, which is roughly half the price of what it will cost gamers in North America.

It's only natural to assume that North America should expect to see the Versus content around the same time frame. This gives you something to look forward to if you're planning to purchase it. However, we're sure everyone would love to know why the price differential is so severe in comparison. Maybe only North Americans are susceptible to the worst cases of the nickel-and-dime syndrome.