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Resident Evil 5 is 'new direction' for series, says Capcom

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on 16 March 2009

Capcom’s Chris Kramer has declared that Resident Evil 5 signals a new direction for the venerable survival horror series, with the sequel “waving goodbye” to many of the storylines and characters seen in previous installments - or as Kramer puts it, 'act one' of the saga.

Speaking to Major Nelson in a recent podcast, the communications boss stated, “It’s a really good time for new players to jump in, because what we’re doing is kind of waving goodbye to a lot of storyline elements from, essentially, act one of the Resident Evil franchise.”

“Resident evil 5 is really setting the franchise up for what’s going to happen now going forwards, so establishing new characters and storylines, and pretty much a new direction for the game.”

Kramer reiterated previous comments regarding RE5’s position as an action game as opposed to the traditional survival horror experience of old, adding that newcomers shouldn’t worry about catching up on the storyline.

“If you’re late to the party and you haven’t been playing the games for the past 15 years, all you need to know is that the game’s a lot of fun and just filled with action, so you don’t have to worry about the plot, as we’re kind up picking up and starting afresh.”

We’ve got our hands on RE5 and will be bringing you a review later in the week.