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Resident Evil 6 could take up to eight years, says Kawata

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on 25 March 2009

Capcom’s Masachika Kawata has admitted that development of Resident Evil 6 could take anywhere in the region of four to eight years.

Speaking to The Gadget Show, the Resident Evil 5 producer confirmed that a sixth instalment in the long running horror franchise has yet to be decided, hinting that fans may have an arduous wait on their hands.
“We haven’t decided whether we’re going to make Resident Evil 6 yet,” said Kawata “But if we do, it could take anywhere up to eight years, but hopefully only four.”

All we know so far is that Resident Evil 6 will offer a complete overhaul for the series, though quite how Capcom intends to go about this is anyone’s guess. The company previously hinted that there's a chance the zombies may make a return, though for all we know it could be something entirely different altogether.

Stay tuned.