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Capcom anticipates second PS3 price cut this year

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on 12 July 2007

Capcom’s Chief Financial Officer Kazuhiko Abe has said that he expects Sony Corp. to lower the price of PlayStation 3 again by the end of the year, following this week’s price reduction of USD 100.

Speaking to Reuters at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week, Abe stated, "The number of PS2 users is still growing and a shift to the PS3 is on the back burner”, adding, "But, the price has been cut once and it is likely to be cut again towards the end of the year. I expect the (PS3's) installed base to grow gradually."

Sony has already announced a price drop of USD 100 across North America this week, though it has yet to make any announcement’s regarding a similar strategy in Europe. Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 3 releases include Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5, the latter of which was shown for the first time in two years during the company’s E3 conference yesterday morning. A short trailer is available to download via the PlayStation Network.