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Kojima's new mission is 'the next MGS'

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on 27 March 2009

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference yesterday, veteran game designer Hideo Kojima all but confirmed that his studio is working on a new title in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Kojima spoke in his keynote about the various hurdles he’s over come in the popular stealth-action series – or “missions” as he described them – before bringing things to a close with the final mission, “The Next MGS."

Elaborating, Kojima revealed that he wants to tackle this particular project using a combination of both Japanese and western development philosophies, describing his own method as design-led, as opposed to the western approach, which he views as being led by software technology.

Furthermore, with Kojima Productions hiring at GDC, the Metal Gear creator welcomed developers in attendance at the show to challenge his ‘old style’ approach if they think they have what it takes to work for the studio.

Still, it’s worth remember this wasn’t an outright confirmation of a new MGS game, so for now keep your fingers crossed and hope Kojima divulges more info at this year’s E3 convention.