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Top Spin 3 coming to PS3

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It has been revealed that deuce-em-up sequel, Top Spin 3, will be coming out on PS3.

The Top Spin series has seen best success on Xbox, but now it’s the PS3s turn to get an instalment in the series; the first since the flawed PS2 port of the original. Features will include a better online play, and a more in-depth create-a-player option.

Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K Games, seems adamant that this game will vastly improve the series, saying “This game transcends the boundaries of what has previously been achieved in the acclaimed Top Spin franchise by ensuring every detail is accurate, from the cloud cover to lighting, from sweat to dirt on clothing, to every drop shot, slice, lob and backhand”

Sounds a bit similar to the effects seen in MotorStorm, where every single particle's movement was calculated using anti-Heisenberg wizardry from the Cell processor. Considering the 360 doesn’t have such ‘brute force’ when processing that sort of stuff, will it be a different animal on the PS3, or a lazy port?

The game is set to release early next year.

Stay tuned.