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Takeuchi: Capcom 'still thinking about' Lost Planet 2 PS3

on 8 April 2009

Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi has said that the company hasn’t made any firm decision as to whether Lost Planet 2 will be putting in an appearance on PlayStation 3.

Speaking to Gamesradar, Takeuchi commented, “We’re still thinking about it and haven’t announced a PS3 version, so we can’t say more about it just yet.”

He went on to detail the reason for unveiling the sequel over Xbox Live, adding, “We wanted to show the game first and foremost to fans of the original Lost Planet.”

“We talked to Microsoft about doing it this way and they were interested in it as well. Also, I think it was a unique and memorable way to announce the game.”

Frankly we can’t imagine why the game wouldn’t end up gracing Sony’s black box, especially seeing as how Capcom previously said the majority of it’s games would end up multiplatform. Keep checking back for more info as it breaks.